H3C UWB: Wireless positioning with centimeter-level accuracy

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With the evolution of mobile Internet technologies, "positioning" is not only an indispensable important application for driving or finding a restaurant in daily life, but also has gradually become the underlying core technology of various new scenarios. However, for scenarios such as the law enforcement system (public security, procuratorates, courts, and justice departments), utility tunnels of power plants, enterprise campuses, warehouses of malls or supermarkets, the "room-level" indoor positioning provided by RFID and Bluetooth can no longer meet their business demands. Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which can provide centimeter-level accuracy, has become the best choice in these scenarios.

Compared with other positioning methods, UWB provides the following four major advantages:

· Low power consumption.

· Insensitivity to channel attenuation, multipath and non-line-of-sight (NLOS) channels for example.

· Enhanced anti-interference ability and no interference to adjacent devices.

· Strong signals that can pass through a wall and provide high positioning accuracy.

H3C, a subsidiary of Unisplendour, combines WLAN and UWB to develop a UWB solution that provides WLAN functions as well as high-accuracy positioning of personnel and assets. The solution supports collaboration with the consumption and clock-in systems, and provides one network and one unified platform for network devices, terminals, and services of WLAN and UWB.

H3C UWB high-accuracy positioning architecture

Three core scenarios that expand industry application boundaries

With innovative technologies and in-depth insight into the needs of business evolution in different industries, the UWB solution developed by H3C perfectly suits the business needs of the following three scenarios:

Scenario One: Law enforcement system (public security, procuratorates, courts, and justice departments)

In a prison deployed with UWB, the network management system provides real-time inmate positioning, action tracking, trace playback, cross-border alarming, prison guard patrol and distribution monitoring, in-cell timeout alarming and positioning, and collaboration with various systems. This helps the prison achieve secure patrol and deal with personnel of all kinds in case of emergencies.

Scenario Two: Utility tunnels of power plants

In utility tunnels, any mistake, such as mistakenly entering the wrong equipment maintenance area or a danger zone, can cause damages to power operation and even bodily injury. The personnel inspection system provided by the UWB high-accuracy solution can fully cover the construction area and automatically locate persons wearing a smart terminal the second they enter the area.

Scenario Three: Warehouses and logistics

Traditional warehouse management relies on non-automated systems to track the incoming and outgoing of goods, which is not only inefficient but also not applicable to large warehouses. It consumes a lot of workforce and financial resources, and is prone to goods loss. The H3C UWB solution provides an asset management system that allows automated goods in/out checking, inventory management, asset identification, asset positioning, and location change alarming.

In addition to the three scenarios, the UWB high-accuracy positioning solution can also be applied to new retail, exhibition halls, and other scenarios that require high-accuracy positioning, providing the most professional IoT business applications in all walks of life. Through this innovative digital technology, H3C provides more practical innovative solutions to various frontier applications such as smart manufacturing and smart city, making production and life in the era of Internet of Everything (IoE) more convenient and smarter.

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